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As industry pioneers for over 30 years, we’ve always been driven to put the environment first. Our 100% sustainable wood products are made from pressed sawdust sourced from mills across the United States.  We hand select the best, most efficient hard and softwoods to naturally produce a range of heating, cooking and bedding products that are manufactured to exceed industry standards.  From higher heat ratings to longer lasting burns, our commitment to quality is paramount.

Inspire warm, clean, flavorful living by turning wood waste into premium quality, environmentally friendly products. We don’t believe in taking shortcuts.  From our products to the way we manufacture to where we work, every aspect of our process is thoughtfully approached with sustainability in mind. 

You’ll only find 100% natural wood shavings and sawdust with no fillers in everything we make.  And we have 13 mills across the country in order to reduce the impact of transporting goods — and just as importantly creating jobs for local economies.


Ash content

BTU's per bag

waste to warmth products

100% renewable

Rejected tree lumber and raw materials that would normally be dumped at a landfill, processed at our state of the art manufacturing facility – resulting in the most efficient pellets to fuel your home



Sold ONLY by specialty retailers – you will never see Waste To Warmth in any of the ‘big box’ stores


burning waste to warmth keeps wood waste out of our landfills


Exceeds industry standards! Up to 8,900 BTU’s/lb. – you will lose less pellet and heat more

made in usa

waste to warmth is made locally right here in new england, usa

less maintenance

less ash content means less cleanings and maintenance – your stoves components will last longer

climate friendly

Waste to warmth is carbon neutral

save time & money

We understand that peoples lives continue to be more and more hectic as time goes on. No one has the time to be tending to their pellet stoves day in and day out. Our special formulations guarantee clean, consistent burning in all of today best energy efficient pellet appliances.

Less Maintenance

Pellets are renewable energy, money that really does grow on trees

proud partner

project appalachia

Help us restore the old coal mines of Pennsylvania

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